Read your favorite book for free in just 15 minutes

This content is about how you can read your favorite book free in 15 minutes or more. Go through the content and you will find how ?

All of us have had a book that we’ve been through about a hundred times. No matter how many times you’d have read it, it just didn’t seem to bore you. Now take a moment to reflect, when was the last time you went through it? A month, a year, several years? What changed so drastically that you no longer indulged yourself in what was once your greatest companion…. Was it that you’re life had suddenly become busier? Or maybe you’d just gotten so caught up in the rush of moving further that it had become inconsequential.

Well, no worries. It’s never too late to reconnect and indulge in yourself, now easier than ever. With a dire need to reach out to the most vulnerable people and also the issue, there is a vision that exists which looks forward to building the world’s largest virtual library so that people who lack resources, time, and the ability to read the language can comprehend all that the world of books has to offer and stand shoulder to shoulder with an ever-changing world.

RollingSlate has worked towards bringing this vision to life by creating the biggest virtual library, covering 27+ genres and 2,000+ slates, all of the best non-fiction books by the most renowned national and international authors. Free detailed chapter-wise summaries of the books are provided in the form of quickly readable slates or audio books in not only English but many widely spoken regional languages. The distinct way that makes the envisioned aim different is that they provide a specially curated gist of the books you might have had in mind but were just not committing on due to lack of time to get on with it. With these non-fiction book summaries, you can complete whichever book retaining all the knowledge and wisdom it has had to offer through an amazingly short read.

A gateway to wisdom like never before:

Aptly christened a gateway to wisdom like no before, that too free of cost. RollingSlate aims to provide people with a change. It has solved the primarily ginormous obstacle for students who have an intense thirst for books but are unable to afford them and hence have to take a step back. Non-fiction genres are ranging from the north to the south pole, politics, history, philosophy, and any other category out there! The rush of going through an immense amount of books in a single month through the specially curated summaries and audio books that could otherwise have taken a whole year of determination.

Empowerment through knowledge:

RollingSlate does not take a pause at one language and a limited audience but works towards creating a huge network above the barriers of language that may pull a few readers back from the world of knowledge out there. With that in mind, it has provided detailed summaries in not only the English Language but also the regional languages may it be Bengali, Tamil, Marathi. You have the freedom to choose from what you want to read or leave in between, freedom to get access to almost everything out there in black and white, and all that with the freedom to get it in your own language. What more would a book enthusiast or even a normal person ask for in the rushed life of this century.

It is not just a gateway of wisdom for book lovers or avid readers but to every person out there who makes conversation in public and wants to lead a life with substance. Wisdom supplements that like none other and empowers even in the smallest of time available.

Read Inner Engineering free of cost

To present an example, the book ‘Inner Engineering’ is not just another book from the shelves. In fact, it is the book that grants you consciousness like none other. It assists you in understanding this plastic world and how to go about perceiving it, yet keeping oneself at peace through basic concepts like looking inside rather than searching out there for peace and also looking at every situation with no prejudices but an impression of your own. It gives you access to the keys of happiness by aligning the body, mind and soul. Who wouldn’t crave such insight nowadays? A short read summary of this book is available on RollingSlate giving you access to such wisdom free of cost without eating through your time. You might even finish your favourite book in a record time of 15 minutes!