Meet the Team.


Ajay Sati Founder & CEO of eTuitionClasses

Ajay Sati

Founder & CEO of etuitionclasses

Ajay Sati founded eTuitionClasses in 2019, with the mission of providing world-class education for anyone, anywhere, anytime. Ajay has recently founded Aj Digital Teach Services which applies machine learning techniques to drive innovation in the area of life sciences. Before founding eTuitionClasses, Ajay was the CCE at ISON, where he served on the faculty for 2 years.

Salini Semwal Co-Founder of eTuitionClasses

Salini Semwal

Co-Founder of etuitionclasses

Salini Semwal co-founded  eTuitionClasses in 2019. She served as the company’s Co-CEO until September 2020, and is currently the Chair of the eTuitionClasses Board. She is the former Chief Scientist at Aj Digital Tech Services. where she was responsible for driving the company’s global AI strategy and infrastructure. Salini is also an adjunct professor in the science department at eTuitionClasses.



Bipin Jadora

Chief Product Officer and Head of Consumer Revenue

Bipin Jadora is eTuitionClasses Chief Product Officer and Head of Consumer Revenue. Bipin joined eTuitionClasses in October 2020 as Head of Consumer Revenue. Before joining eTuitionClasses Bipin founded HG Trader’s & Go Online Travel. Before that, Bipin served as President at Latest Hacking News where he sparked impressive growth through product innovation.

Anjali simalti

Anjali Simalti

chief learning officer

Anjali Simalti is the chief learning officer at eTuitionClasses. In this role, she is responsible for driving and communicating our instructional and pedagogical strategy for eTuitionClasses learning programs, content, and product to improve student and teacher engagement and outcomes. She ensures pedagogical coherence of our overall offering and ensures a research-informed design across product, content, and programs.


Laxmi Sati

chief people officer

Laxmi Sati is the chief people officer at eTuitionClasses. She is responsible for aligning our people strategies and office operations with our business priorities. She leads the people operations team who are passionate and focused on creating a great people experience and work environment that enables the eTuitionClasses community to do their best work. This includes partnering with the functional leaders and all employees in continuing to embrace and sustain eTuitionClasses unique culture and values.


Ashish Pant

Chief Content Officer

Ashish Pant is Chief Content Officer at eTuitionClasses, where he oversees the company’s content and credential strategy and partner relationships. Before joined eTuitionClasses Ashish founded Pant Group. Ashish spent two years at Facebook launching many of Facebook’s first consumer marketing campaigns in over 15 global markets.


Sandeep Bisht

Chief Marketing Officer

Sandeep Bisht is Chief Marketing Officer at eTuitionClasses. Sandeep joined eTuitionClasses in August 2020 as Director of Brand and Product Marketing. He started her career in brand consulting and consumer research at Landor Associates working with many of the world’s leading brands. Sandeep received her undergraduate degree from HNBG University.


Alisha Rawat

Chief Enterprise Officer

Alisha is Chief Enterprise Officer at eTuitionClasses. Under Alisha leadership, eTuitionClasses is helping thousands of businesses, governments, and universities reskill their workforce and access a world class education.  She also sits on the Board of Engine Advocacy, a leading technology and startup policy organization that promotes freedom of expression, innovation, and access to knowledge.