How To Secure Your Videos For Your Online Courses

How To Secure Your Videos For Your Online Courses

Are you an online course creator and worried about securing videos for your online courses?

The quality of your video content and its level of interactivity determine how you engage learners in your course. We at E-tuitionClasses understand your hard work and effort made while creating videos for an online course and you don’t want these valuable videos made available easily to anyone.

Here we will learn about the different ways through which you can protect your online course videos from unwanted threads.

Disabling Right Click And Copy Option:-

This is the most common approach for stopping the threads to copy video content of your course. This is done by pressing CTRL+C keys and Right-click. By disabling copy and Right-click, you can prevent your video content from being stolen by around 75% of non-tech stealers.

If you are using WordPress for an online learning course then it gives you an easy solution for every kind of problem. All you have to do is install a plugin and get your problem solved.

Disable URL Access From .htaccess:-

Disabling URL from .htaccess file is another approach you can use to protect your videos. Disabling URL from .htaccess doesn’t allow anyone to access your any document, category, pages, and videos, etc. from the URL.

When you install WP website then .htaccess file will be created automatically on your server and if someone wants to access your course video by the URL then it will return 403 Error.

Choosing Video Hosting Services:-

Sometimes considering video hosting services also a helpful technique to secure your online video. You can buy monthly or yearly packages from big tech companies to secure your online videos of your course. It ensures that no one can download your videos as they use a highly advanced method of securing videos which is impossible to decode. Some of the best video hosting service providers which you can use to protect your online videos are:-

  • Vimeo
  • Wistia
  • Amazon S3

Watermarking Your Videos:-

In order to secure your online video content, you must watermark your videos with the brand name or logo. As more and more content gets reposted and re-shared so it becomes important to watermark videos so that viewers know the original creator of the content they are viewing.

If someone shares your content illegally, there will be a watermark of your brand in the video and for sure your brand will gain popularity and consequently, people will look for you. As a result, your business will increase.

Encrypting Your Online Videos:-

DRM technology offers services to build custom encryption and prevent streaming piracy. You need to have your own streaming as it does not host videos but only provide support for security. These provide highly secure and comprehensive solutions and the cost of using these DRMs is also high.

Online Video Security Platforms offer a DRM which is pre-packed with video hosting services to provide a ready-to-go solution. The use of modified HLS encryption & backend licensing allows you for a new streaming protocol which provides much higher security and protection against all downloaders.

Checking Plagiarized Content:-

Investigating your online courses videos helps you whether it has been copied or used by someone illegally. Here are two tools which will help you in creating an alert about this.

Google Alerts:- You should create a Google alert for your course name. Whenever someone shares your course from anywhere then it will send you a notification.

Copyspace:- If you are looking for a free plagiarism checker tool then Copyspace is the right choice. With the help of it, you can check your plagiarized content with Copyspace by adding the URL.


According to my point of view by following these methods will surely help you in securing and protecting your online videos. This is some of the techniques on how you can protect your online videos and if someone really wants to steal your content then you can’t really stop them instead reward yourself because your work is really awesome and worth stealing.

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